How about lowering the voting value of the review process for those with low application ratings?

There was a suggestion the other day that we should have an evaluation on the application as well as the review.

I'd like to make a suggestion in addition to this.

As a matter of fact, in Pokémon in particular, there are people who repeatedly apply for POIs over and over again, and in the worst cases, there are people who boldly say on social media, "I've made over 20 proposals for POIs." In many cases, such proposals are already of little value in terms of quality, and there are many cases where even worse proposals are made based on such proposals.

So, can't we reduce the voting value of those with low application evaluations to about half to a quarter of their current value?

I think the first step would be to evaluate the applications and make them visible through a gauge.

Then, the next step would be to modify the voting value for review based on that evaluation.

There have been reports of multi-account fraudulent judging in multiple regions, with many inappropriate POIs being set up, which is very unfair and encourages people to leave the game if they are judging correctly under one account. I am aware that multi-accounting is an injustice that should be absolutely eradicated, but I also know that it is not practical to discuss it now.

If we continue with the current screening environment, the result will be a gaming environment that is completely removed from the ideals that the NIA believes in. I believe that the above measures will increase the possibility of correcting the injustice.

※I made the same post last night, but it didn't reflect, so I'm posting it again.

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