What are you doing about the endless Pokemon GO-related nominations and photo reviews?

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I'm not talking about the nominations that mention Pokemon GO in the description or things like Pokestops or Trainers, I'm talking about the real trubbish. Things that show screenshots of their gaming screen with or without the spoofer icon (Pokeball in a star), the photos of Typhlosions and Articunos being submitted to absolutely irrelevant and every second wayspot, and the endless third-party photos of random businesses and Pokemon images from Google Images?

To even add more to the frustration, this issue extremely ballooned when you made choosing photos from gallery accessible to everyone in the middle of this year. Yes, there is huge benefit to having being able to select existing gallery photos and submitting remotely for the bulk of the submitting community, but you've opened an extreme major abuse factor for the nominations mentioned above. I don't want to review girls in a panda onesie, someone who professes their love to an Arceus, or someone who wants to have relations with a Sliggoo.

I don't even know if you're taking suggestions seriously, but I'm going to put them up here anyway.

  • There should be a flag in Photo Reviews where you can select that the photo is highly-irrelevant or has a Pokemon AR photo.
  • If at least 3-4 people select it or another abuse issue, fob it off immediately into manual review and get rid of the photo from being reviewed further. Looking at my local community's coal chat, the same photo review of a Dratini has probably cycled through 11 different reviewers for a wayspot in the Botanic Gardens.
  • Further, being able to select from Gallery is a privilege that should be earned. You gave that right to everyone, and while the majority of people are doing the right thing and use it very well, a whole bunch of people are definitely using their 40 nominations all up to make everyone else's reviewing a living hell by submitting photos of their Sliggoo or a completely black photo and calling it BLACK PANTER.
  • Are you even punishing people? People don't understand the gravity of their actions and know not of the rules. Defacing things and getting away with it just means your system is flimsy. Make it clear as day: submit an AR photo from Pokemon GO and you will be warned. An image with a spoofer icon in it? Right to jail. Right away.

Was enabling Gallery submissions a bad decision? No, it's actually quite beneficial for everyone. But wait until you start getting 24-hour cooldowns for rejecting the nth Pokemon photo for abuse or third-party photo, or being told your contributions are game-changers when you just rejected the zillionth photo of someone's imaginary girlfriend and attempts to turn Wayfarer into Tinder.


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