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Location: 2 finger scrolling BUG is back on both ios/droid (Regarding Remote Submissions in Pogo)

It was temporarily possible to do remote submissions ( while scrolling with just 1 finger )

it was supposedly fixed in ingress .... But it has not been fixed in Pokemon go app ( it was indeed fixed but for barely a couple of day )


But now to move inside the map once again one has to use two fingers instead of one finger. it just doesn't save the location chosen & bounces back! no matter how far away

it affected a lot of users & was first experienced 3 weeks ago: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/comment/129107#Comment_129107

Basically as long as it says use "2 fingers" to choose marker location for pokéstop , its IMPOSSIBLE to do submissions even a few inches away

was tmeporarily solved on both ios/android but suddenyl back again yesterday

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