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Wayfarer e-mails are sent to the old e-mail after change of e-mail address for login to Ingress


I am using an iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 15.1.1 and Ingress Prime 2.86.1

I have used an e-mail address in my own domain for login since I started playing back in year 5. This e-mail address ([email protected]) is linked to google. I have decided that I would like to change this to using my [email protected] address instead. 

To do the change I used he following steps

  1. Link my Apple Id 
  2. Logout from prime
  3. Login using ny Apple ID
  4. Unlink my address [email protected]
  5. Link my g-mail address [email protected]
  6. Logout from prime
  7. Login using my connected g-mail address [email protected]

This works and I can also use my gmail address when logging in to the intel map and to wayfarer. So far so good. 

However, when I get e-mails from wayfarer, like decisions on my nominations new photographs etc, they are sent to my old [email protected] address instead of the new [email protected] address.

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