Why bother making poke stop ?!

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These is my first and last post. I recently got level 38 for my community of 15 players in remote village with green protected area, no landmarks like information table or jogging routes "signs". In these case i used pumping station and dirt road crossroad name signs on walking/jogging/biking route with of course get rejected. I'm so disappointed on Niantic and community. I'm disappointed on Ninatic about rules for poke stops not distinguishing rules for small settlement and cities (these is easy visible on satellite maps for example). I'm disjointed on review community to to verifying or checking if there are any poke-stops there or seeing on map how big the village city is! 20 km from my village i see Wrocław city i Poland where there are poke stops on some junk graffiti from vandals, poke-stops with No pictures. I see 20 like poke-stop around apartment blocks so tens of players don't even need to get out from block cause they have "fitness area or playground " 10 meters from them. I see poke stops accepted on some "junk" that is temporary or even on private properties. But my small community cant get poke stop on walking/jogging/biking dirt route route with pedestrians priority cause i used the only available marker there : pumping station and crossroad street name sign and it get rejected cause it is "false location" and "inadequate location". So to summarize local 15 players community want to make one poke-stop on black whole area, but no Sir you cant and mean time 20 km from me tens of players from comfortably apartment block spins poke-stops like trash can, vandal graffiti or liquor store and these is all fine. I'm also reviewer but I'm taking under account if these is small village or city and if the only land mark there is for example sculpture on volunteer Fire Department or cross near road without side walk or streets crossing and yes I accept it, cause i calculate all yes and no in these case, I check if these is safe in respect and understanding about the location (like country specific and distinguishing about small and big locations) and know how the small village look like in difference to big city.

One important rules is that poke-stop cannot give advantage to one group or players... In these case you should delete like 80% of big city landmarks and all land marks closer than 50m from any apartment blocks ...

I'm going from P2p to F2P now or maybe stooping playing the game cause what for? When the kids I was trying tom make the stop cant even explore cause i don't have "valid" land marks in my location ...

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