One of the options seems to be the personal name of a civilian woman.

Hi, @NianticGiffard .

Of course, you could just choose (1), but

It is a very sensitive subject and I am rushing to write and send you a message as soon as possible.

I don't even know if I should ask you in this category, however I will.

Of the three options, the top one (1) means the monument that created the Sakai Oohashi Bridge, which is located here.

This is likely to be correct.

The second (2) is just a note of the place name "Sakai" for this place.

And the third (3) seems to be the name of a Japanese woman.

Ueno(上野) is the family name. Liina(李衣菜) is the name.

There is no hit on Google search for this name, so it is not a celebrity but a personal name of an ordinary person.

It is not a good thing for anyone to have their personal name circulated.

Especially for Ms. Ueno, whose name is on this page.

Please tel me.

Is it possible for you to modify this section so that it does not appear?

Current title: Sakai Bridge Monument


City: Noda-City,Ibraki Pref.


(1) 境大橋記念碑

(2) 境

(3) 上野李衣菜

(1) Sakaibashi Bridge Monument

(2) Sakai

(3) Liina Ueno


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