Are servers under maintenance?

Let me explain myself. I got a submission accepted yesterday, on past ocassions my approved submissions went live immediatly on Ingress and 18:45 UTC on Pokemon Go if not the same day, the day after. This didn't happened today, I know sometimes they are doing maintenance and submissions don't go live so fast.

The point is that I suspect reviewers have moved portal's location a few meters away because when I uploaded the photosphere to Street View, it got placed like 20-30 meters away from its real location. That would mean it has been moved inside the same S2 lvl 17 cell but maybe too close to an existing portal in a diferent S2 cell. You can check what I mean in the picture below. Do you think it's not coming live because they moved my submission too close to the older portal? If that's what happened I can only feel stupid, just because I uploaded a PhotoSphere in a wrong location 🤦🏻‍♂️

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