Please help me understand why this nomination keeps getting rejected

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I have sent this in twice and it got rejected twice even though instated clearly it is not a temporary structure. Can Niantic not step in when the general voters are manipulating the results unfairly?

i will attach images of my nomination. Please note that I live in India and half the streets have broken footpaths, but i still managed to get the footpath in my additional image for the wayspot. I have studied the nomination guidelines numerous times and i dont see why my nomination isnt worthy of a stop/gym.

please help,


Justin R


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    im adding pictures but they arent showing??

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    Any post that contains pictures gets sent to a queue for the moderators to check. They'll appear once the moderators approve them.

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    Have you tried explaining how it meets the criteria vs just blanket statement of “It meets all criteria”. As it clearly would not meet for exercise. Socialization and exploration maybe, but idk how it would meet that if you dont explain it to some people

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    What rejection reasons you got?

    But to be honest, from your photos alone it might looks like temporary exposition or PRP, as it's very hard to see what building it is attached to from your photos alone, and looks like something not permament that was put in someone's house entry.

    Not to mention, your main photo is exaclty the same as photo on pin you mentioned to search for (I'm pretty sure that you added photo on google maps too, but it might be considered a third party photo and it's one of rejection reasons).

    You need to also made support photo in a way that will show a bit more area near it (with still visible POI on it), this support photo don't show much, and it's hard to see what is this building near shrine (if it's PRP or not).

    This area don't have streetview, so it's impossible to find it on map too - your pin is not visible until you write by hand all text you mentioned in support text in google maps search, so many reviewers will miss it (not everyone will search for it, no matter how much you will explain to do it, reviewers don't always do that much while reviewing).

    Adding photosphere would be much better idea and would help much more than your support text.

    Also, your support text is way too long, and it don't help you much - you practicaly beging reviewers in it and explain why not to reject it for many rejection reasons, you mention game references and you don't write too many important information that would help reviewers accept it.

    So, my advices to start:

    • Make new main photo ( photo that isn't the same as the one on google map pin), and make better support photo that will still show POI and much more area near it - getting a bit away from POI and make horizontal photo for support photo might be a good idea.
    • Adding photosphere in this location would do amazing job for this nomination. Consider making two photospheres - one closer to POI and one a bit further away, to show more of this building, so reviewers will see it's not on PRP ground, and will be more sure it's a correct location.
    • Change your support text completely. Write more about why it mets criteria, and how to find it location comparing it to your support photo, map view and photosphere, and how to see it's not on single family house grounds. Don't mention any game references in any text and don't try to beg to not reject it for any rejection reasons, it might only make reviewers suspicious/angry and will make it harder to get accepted.

    I think with these advices it should have much more chances of being accepted. But without knowing your rejection reasons, it's just my guess why it might be rejected by reviewers many times. Good luck!

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to write out that long reply! So it got rejected twice: the first being private residence/ farmland and temporary fixture; the second time the reasons were temporary structure and pedestrian access.

    can you tell me what the full form of prp is?

    so a shrine is a small place of worship. I live in India and the surrounding area to this is pretty bad/ not well kept. I managed to get a clear picture without cars or people obstructing it and this may still not look like a permanent structure to some. But thank you so much for the feedback.

    can you please tell me where the photosphere needs to be created. Through street view or pokemon go nomination?

    thanks again!

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    The category it comes under is public place of worship. I have mentioned it in the additional text. 

    thanks for the help. I shall try again with changes. 🙏

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    yes i mean the great place to socialize, which is the Public Place of Worship.

    thanks for the PRP fullform. Yes I do know that they would make the nomination elligable.

    Thank you for that last bit. Yes it makes sense. This is however, a Shrine for Worship to Allah, but it was in fact, made in the name of the Prophet, Mohammad. I think it would help if i tried to resubmit the location as Artwork instead of a Shrine? as people dont seem to accept a Shrine to Mohammad. it does sound rather odd, but what do I do? I haven't named it :P

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    For these rejection reasons most of my and other advices should be enought to get it accepted (if it's not on single family building wall).

    As others explained, PRP means "private residential property" and is used for single family houses and grounds and fences that belong to this house. It's a reason for rejection, as Niantic won't allow any POI on single family house grounds.

    As for photosphere, you need to do it using app on smartphone called "Google Street View App", it's very easy to use, and it allow you to add your photospheres directly to google maps.

    If you do these photospheres correctly (in correct location, making sure to do photos from all angles, for ground and sky too, and you upload it from your app), they should be visible to reviewers while they review your nomination.

    It's the best to do one photosphere very close to shrine and one a bit away from this building to show some more buildings and area near it, that would really help with giving reviewers more infomation if it's in correct location.

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    Ive made some edits to make this nomination better. I have also added 360 photos of the place on google street view. Does this title and description work better or should i stick to Mohammad’s shrine or Mohammad’s masjid etc. ?

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    @Maxyme99-PGO please check once .

    additional options

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    It looks fine to me, but calling it a shrine might still be better than just calling it Islamic art (it's opinion for your first improvement post).

    Opinion for Hamid Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abdullah Mazar - sorry if there some mistakes, I can't write some of original letters from title: The second version seems to be a bit better in my opinion (especially title and main photo, as plant's leaves aren't in the midlle of photo and shrine on photo looks closer and better, and it looks more permament that way). If you used the same support photo as in first improvement post (in Islamic art), I think it should be fine, as text seems good to me.

    I also see that your photosphere is live now (I can't see it on map as photosphere pin, but when I drop "streetview yellow guy", near this buiding, it shows it to me, so reviewers should get it too. I hope it will be enough (you could do also the bottom of photos for photosphere, to show more sidewalks for people near shrine, but it shows quite much of area, so I hope it's enough for reviewers :) ).

    I hope it will be accepted next time, good luck! Let us known how it went in the future, so we'll known you got a this shrine as a POI, it's always nice to known that something got accepted :)

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    Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the help. I will definitely let you'll know if it comes through! *fingers crossed* XD

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    Hey, it finally got accepted! Any idea how long before it shows up on the pogo map??

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    Congratulations on getting it accepted! I'm so glad it got accepted, I hope it will appear in game soon!

    As how fast it can appear - it might take some time, from a few days to maybe a bit longer, as we have some issues with sync in games since last year. I hope it won't take too much time, but if it was accepted today, then I think it should appear in game this week.

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    Congratulations, I'm glad it had appear so soon :)

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