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Hello, I have been reviewing and also nominating things for a while now and I pretty much have no idea what is ELIGIBLE and what ISN'T.

I nominated a restaurant like 60 meters away from my house few months ago and I got a rejection that it's private residence and also that it's mismatched (even though they can clearly see it in the street view without any problems). I nominated it again and it was In Voting, but there was Niantic logo next to it. I guess that it was being reviewed by Niantic. They accepted the VERY SAME restaurant few days later.

Also, my friend nominated cultural center, all kinds of cultural things are happening there (dancing, singing, theater, etc.). Guess what... it got rejected because of "Private Residence or Farm". I also read that museums and galleries are eligible, why did they reject this then ? Museum and gallery is also private property.

We also have a national historic building here, guess what... It got rejected because of "Private Residence or Farm" :)

Hiking trails, welcome signs and even tourist signs like this one: https://i.imgur.com/nGNDNAM.jpg are getting rejected commonly here. The photo is taken at night, but that was just an example, we usually are nominating things during day.

And I am not even talking about nonsense duplicates. Maybe I am the stupid one who thinks that these 2 playgrounds are 2 different things: https://imgur.com/a/Eq2FxCe

What am I doing or understanding wrong ? Tell me please.

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