I have the privilege of living close enough to a Pokemon gym, I've seen multi-account holders take the gym to get their badge, but I am now dealing with spoofers. I can battle the gym from the comfort of my home; I will take the gym, put my Pokemon in, and then minutes later, it has been taken back. I know these accounts do not live in my area that lives close enough to interact with this gym as natural features do not allow it. My family and I have split up as we have three nearby gyms; we have taken all the gyms out and waited. The accounts will take out all three gyms and put players in, some within the same minute. This is not possible as you cannot travel to them that fast unless you fly or spoof to them. I reached out to my local discord group and have found out that these are known spoofing accounts, and they have been doing this for years; they have all three teams covered. I understand that Niantic loves money, but spoofing should not be allowed no matter how much you spend on the game.



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