Same Pictures for different Wayspots

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So, I'm not sure this is in the right category now, it's not my submission. It just struck me that it was wrong and ask for a correction.

Wrong Wayspot-Picture:

Title: "Willkommen in Lorsbach"

Location: 50.113438, 8.418545,8.418545&z=18

Hofheim am Taunus


Hello, in our village there is a noticeable welcome sign at every entrance to the village.

For years there has been a wayspot at one, which is unfortunately over 200 meters from the actual location, but that is a different topic.

Now there is a new wayspot at a different location, but with a photo of the first waypot mentioned.

Pretty easy to spot because the first wayspot is on a bridge over a stream that you can clearly see and the second (new) way on a mountainous **** with no water or bridges nearby.

Wrong Wayspot

Correct Wayspot with false location

Here you could see both on a map:

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