Why are proposals rejected? Problem in Germany?

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I have already tried several times to post a post with texts, descriptions and examples. However, the contributions were deleted or not activated. So I don't know if it's up to me or if someone isn't approving the posts.

Here are examples from my 36 submissions. In my experience, proposals are rejected very arbitrarily, without any reason. Often there are different, wrong reasons such as stating that the location does not match or that it is a duplicate.

Here are some sample screen shorts from my rejections

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    1. is that some sort of special historical object? It looks like a generic gravestone. -> rejection correct
    2. -
    3. the wold war memorial already exists in the network. However, it is not displayed in PGO. -> duplicate correct
    4. -
    5. unpainted power supplies doesn't meet any criteria -> rejection correct
    6. -
    7. Chapels on cemeteries are still discussable objects, hopefully, the next AMA will help here.
    8. -
    9. You even wrote that it's the gym of the primary school. That makes it ineligible.
    10. -
    11. pretty much the same as 1. If you want to get stuff like this through, you need more information on why this should be special.
    12. -
    13. can be eligible as a meeting point. More information on why this is a good meeting point is needed.
    14. -
    15. eligible. However, don't write any "x years ago" descriptions. They should be as time neutral as possible
    16. -
    17. the sign also displayed the playground, which already exists ingame -> duplicate correct
    18. -
    19. might be eligible, but more information is needed. Also looks quite temporary
    20. -
    21. same as 5.
    22. -
    23. benches are not eligible. -> rejection correct.
    24. -
  • Du solltest vor dem Einreichen die Kriterien lesen.

    Eins der drei Kriterien muss erfüllt sein. Und keins der k-o-Kriterien darf erfüllt sein

    Beim Überfliegen verstehe ich jede Ablehnung

  • Sorry für die vielen Posts hier. Aber leider werden viele Beiträge erst sehr verzögert freigeschaltet. Meine Beiträge sind vor etwa 12 Stunden entstanden, und nun erst veröffentlicht worden.

    @BitKloepplerin-ING vielen Dank für deinen Beitrag. Ich gebe dir und auch @Luke38-ING Recht. Beim nochmaligen anschauen und prüfen kann man für jeden eingerichten Beitrag schon Gründe finden, warum sie abgelehnt wurden.

    Jdoch gibt es zwei Dinge, die mich als wayfarer-neuling und als Pokemonspieler frustrieren.

    Wir haben einen kleinen Ort und ich suche händeringend nach Möglichkeiten, das Spiel durch einreichen von dem einen oder anderen Stop etwas zu verbessern, das Spielerlebnis für alle hier In der Umgebung minimal zu verbessern. Daher, auch wenn es vielleicht aus den Regeln nicht hervorgeht, wäre eine Berücksichtigung von einem evtl "legetimen" Stop mit ein wenig "Augen zudrücken" vielleicht möglich.

    Denn man ist ganz schnell wieder bei dem Problem. Manche Orte sind überfüllt von guten Einreichungen, weil die Umgebung es dort vielleicht her gibt. Und hier macht man Vorschläge und weiß, sie werden sowieso abgelehnt.

    Ich habe mich vor einigen Tagen bei wayfarer angemeldet und mit dem bewerten von Vorschlägen begonnen. Innerhalb der Vorgaben habe ich auch versucht, in Regionen mit wenigen Stops dann auch eher eine Stop zu akzeptieren.

    Was man beim bewerten der Stops aber auch sehr oft feststellt, dass auch sehr viele ungewöhnliche Vorschläge akzeptiert werden. Bei mir wird gefühlt die Messlatte sehr hoch gelegt und in anderen Bereichen ist zum Beispiel jede Knotenpunkt-Markierung für Rad- oder Wanderwege akzeptiert worden. Beim bewerten sieht man ja in der Übersicht (Duplikate) sehr sehr viele andere Stops und wundert sich, was alles akzeptiert wurde.

    Wie auch mein Beispiel mit der Kapelle auf dem Friedhof. Das Kreuz mitten drauf, eingereicht von einem Ingress Spieler, wird schnell akzeptiert. Und meine Kapelle wird abgelehnt. OK. Vielleicht sind die Regeln im Nachhinein geändert worden.

    Aber es sind schon wirklich viele ungewöhnliche Stops akzeptiert werden, wo ich von 30 Vorschlägen mit viel Glück vielleicht einen nicht abgelehnt bekomme.

  • here a new rejection. The reason given is:

    Mismatched location

    Pedestrian access

    I can assure you that it is a free, public area that can be reached without a barrier or fence. It is not a private space, but public festivals are held here. Here the Link in google maps https://www.google.de/maps/dir/51.0763783,6.223931//@51.0760809,6.2235689,174m/data=!3m1!1e3

    But yes, the second photo should have been a bit bigger, could have shown this free space better. Therefore I will resubmit it with a better second photo.

    But still, in my opinion, an unjustified rejection because pedestrian access is absolutely free.

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    Ok, the rejection reasons are not the good ones. But don't waste your nominations !

    Even with better photos, I cannot see how it can go through. I understand you want to use this object as a proxy for an open public space, but is this the best object you found? It will be really hard to have it accepted if there is nothing more interesting than that box.

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    A metal box. 1* - meets no criteria.

  • edit:

    the next rejection. I cannot understand and see it as a problem that all submissions are rejected.

    In the Netherlands I have seen places where 10-15 stops could only be seen with these signs.

    It's just frustrating and not really understanding why EVERYTHING is being rejected.

    I can absolutely understand some of the rejections, but at least I had hoped that maybe 2-3 of the more than 20 submissions would be accepted. But every day I get new rejections for whatever reason.

    It's frustrating because there are a lot of players in our small town, but there are relatively few stops.

    It seems to be a typically German problem.

  • everything i submit will be rejected. Any attempt to improve the gaming experience in our small town will be rejected. But yes, I don't think benches are allowed.

  • new rejections every day. Always different, often incomprehensible

    Here the reason is now "Inaccurate location"

    Another, newly built climbing frame was rejected as a duplicate. Every day I see suggestions for playgrounds on which individual playground equipment has been accepted as a stop.

    In the "Playground" arena, a photo was used for the entire playground, but it showed old playground equipment.

    Now I have discontinued the new playground equipment. One was rejected with a duplicate and the other with "Inaccurate location".

    I think the goal of all wayfarers is to reject a proposal - it doesn't matter what the reason is.

    It may be that a reason can be found for each of my suggestions. But I don't know whether a rejection is always justified.

    With the suggestion here, I can only say that this gaming device is actually located at this point. Google has already accepted my submission to maps and there is now the POI "Playground Ginsterweg" with my photos. So I can assure you that inaccurate location is absolutely wrong.

    But yes, I'll keep trying - maybe one out of 100 suggestions will be accepted.

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    No 1 - Assuming the church is already a Waypoint, this would either be a "Duplicate" (part of the church) or likely too close to the existing Waypoint to appear in games.

    No 2 - 3 generic benches - not eligible.

    No 3 - New playground - eligible but may need a photosphere or good supporing photo to help reviewers confirm the location if it is not visible on Satallite view.

  • Enclosed a new rejection.

    Bad photo

    Place is inappropriate

    ??? Really?

    Maybe I wanted to deliberately hide the surroundings in the photo and hide the unattractive background. But of course, the photo is bad. When you see everything that has been accepted as stops in Pokemon, many have to be checked again.

    The place is inappropriate? A former cemetery by the church, very old, surrounded by historical tombstones, freely accessible and converted into a small park this year.

    Nobody has to respond, bother looking for reasons, or state why the proposal was rejected. I don't really care, because as I said above, I have the feeling that here (here in Germany?) You want to reject everything, regardless of the reasons given.

    Therefore the thread here is only a documentation of an extensive collection of rejections. I really have no feeling of how to suggest new stops that will be accepted as well.

    I would like to point out that working as a reviewer in Wayfarer is very frustrating. After the suggestions have been processed, after a few minutes there are suggestions from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, which I can only skip or reject due to the lack of language difficulties.

    To me the wayfarer system doesn't make any sense and it's very frustrating to carry out evaluations but also to submit suggestions.

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    Bad photo - a large portion of your main photo appears to be blurred for some reason. This rejection reason is absolutely correct. You should not be applying any visible filters to your photos.

    Inappropriate location - this may have been chosen in place of "sensitive location," as these two rejection reasons are unfortunately translated very similarly in German Wayfarer. Your supporting photo makes it look like this is in a graveyard, which is specifically forbidden by the rejection criteria in most cases.

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    This yes

    Not this one

    not really understandable

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    Like I said, this would probably be considered part of the Church, which is likely an existing POI.

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