Delete Wayspot Photo

Category: Wayspot Photo

Title of the Portal: 迎風亭 (Ying Feng Gazebo)

Location: 25.012318,121.268807

City: Taoyuan City

Country: Taiwan

Please delete the first photo, it's not the photo of this gazebo.

This is the second photo. You can clearly see that the name sign is 迎風亭 (Ying Feng Gazebo), which matching with the wayspot title.

And in the first photo, the name sign is 卓越亭 (Zhuo Yue Gazebo), which is the already-removed nearby gazebo.

You can also realize that the structures and surrounding areas between these two gazebos are very different. The wrong photo didn't bother me much before, but recently somehow it have become more popular than the right one and become the representing photo. So please help me to delete the wrong photo. Thank you very much!


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