Wayspot edit not accepted despite current wayspot information being incredibly incorrect

JustCitrus-PGOJustCitrus-PGO Posts: 2

Title of the Wayspot: Canadian Deafblind Association

Location: 43.188672, -80.378411

City: Paris, ON

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the rejection email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional Information: The location is listed as "Canadian Deafblind Association". This is false. It used to be called that, but it has changed its name and sign to "Sensity" - full name "Sensity Deadfblind and Sensory Support Network of Canada" several years ago. I even explained this name change in my suggested edits.

The pin is also located in the private residences next to Sensity, not next to the sign. I have no idea how it was accepted to be inside a private residence in the first place.



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