Invalid stops?

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Someone please explain how these stops are invalid? I have seen so many other places in my travels that have these exact things accepted as stops so why am I being rejected?


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    I have seen so many other places in my travels that have these exact things accepted as stops so why am I being rejected?

    Don't use what's already in the game as a gauge for what is and isn't currently acceptable. Criteria changes over the years, and on top of that, reviewers and submitters don't always do a good job.

    The water slide looks like it's part of an apartment complex/community pool, which would make it ineligible. If it was an indoor pool that was part of a leisure centre, the pool itself would be eligible.

    Regarding the home and away bays, you should nominate the football pitch as a whole instead rather than an individual part of it. That would be like trying to nominate the scoreboard on a cricket pitch, rather than just nominating the cricket pitch itself.

    The crocodile art looks pretty cool, but you've mentioned other things in that nomination that are extraneous to the crocodile art, and you've also mentioned stencilled art which is usually rejected on the grounds that it is easy to reproduce in any location. I would suggest simply focusing on the crocodile and nothing else.

    What eligibility criteria were you submitting the boat mooring jetty under?

  • HiitmonJack-PGOHiitmonJack-PGO Posts: 2 ✭✭

    The water slide is joined with the public pool which I have also tried to submit but got rejected. Neither are part of a complex, totally 100% public pool or leisure centre as you describe. My description made this abundantly clear, but with a school places directly behind it (and not at all associated with the pool) people are quick to reject without looking into it more, extremely frustrating.

    I'll try the whole soccer oval then.

    I've tried a few times with the crocodile thing, all different descriptions focusing on different things. They keep getting rejected as people keep thinking it's just a person's private residence. It's frustrating that they clearly aren't looking into the submission with more care.

    The boat jetty is a place to exercise. Ski and fishing boats regularly moor here. I tried to explain this in the description, which perhaps reviewers aren't reading.

    Thank you for trying to help.

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