Club logo as image on general sports hall

Title of the Wayspot: Dreispitzhalle

Location: 50.170994,8.923139 [,8.923139&z=15&pll=50.174735,8.912474 ]

City: Bruchköbel

Country: Germany

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Additional information:

The "Dreispitzhalle" is a sports hall for various sports. Some time ago (~ 1 month) the logo of the handball department of a club using the hall appeared there as a Wayspot picture.

In Pokemon it even seems to be there three times, all the exact same pictures and all by the same submitter "WayfarerKing" and one of them being image of the Wayspot in Pokemon as well as Pikmin (already upvoted with an amazing 7 votes in one month).

I could not find the specific logo of the club anywhere around the hall, only in a slightly different version on "please wear mask" signs. But I don't think this should be a Wayspot image at all (if it were the source, which it isn't).

It seems to me to come from a third party source (the only version of the logo with the additional saying "Zusammen.Immer.Stark." I can find in the "Saisonheft 2021/22": otherwise it can always be found without this sentence).

Last but not least, the logo actually has no business on a Wayspot that represents a sports hall as a whole. In addition to the handball department, the soccer department of the same club also uses the hall, as do other clubs and, last but not least, various schools.

The hall is operated by the city of Bruchköbel, where you can also book times in the hall:

German: "Vermietung - Dreispitzhalle an Vereine

Die Dreispitzhalle wurde im Jahr 2000 errichtet und liegt in der Friedberger Landstraße in Bruchköbel.

Mit 48,08 m x 28,00 m bietet die Halle eine Fläche von 1.262,24 Quadratmetern.

Sollten die Nutzer (Vereine) beabsichtigen, ihre Zeitkontigente zu erweitern oder zu kürzen, sollte dies schriftlich per E-Mail an liegenschaften(at) erfolgen."

English: "Renting - Dreispitzhalle to associations

The Dreispitzhalle was built in 2000 and is located in the Friedberger Landstraße in Bruchköbel.

With 48.08 m x 28.00 m, the hall offers an area of 1,262.24 square meters.

If the users (clubs) intend to extend or shorten their time allotments, this should be done in writing by e-mail to liegenschaften(at)"

Therefore I ask to remove the three corresponding pictures from the Wayspot.

And if possible on this occasion, also to set the description to the previous state (which I unfortunately just do not know anymore - and I forgot to submit a new one.). Currently it reads "SG bruchköbel Sporthalle" which is on the one hand orthographically wrong, Bruchköbel should be written with a capital B (which does not speak for the thoroughness of the submitter), and on the other hand wrong in content, because as shown above, the sports hall just does NOT belong to the SG Bruchköbel, even if it is certainly the (possibly after schools?) strongest user.



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