Rejected pogo nomination

Hi, hope you can help me. I got several nominations rejected.. and i would like to know what i can do to improve.

this forrest school interactive education centre nomination was rejected as “ temporary” while its open all year around. Even in the text ( a part is copy from Alsómocsolád tourist website) is written that even in winter its open… a


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    If you call it a school, then you may find it rejected for "K-12" reasons, as most "Forest Schools" cater only for children. If you copy and paste the description text from the Forest School website then that means the text can be considered "3rd party text" (ie you did not write it). Using 3rd party text is an automatic rejection reason.

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    With approval of the tourist office i did copy a part of the text ( Hungarian) and translated into English. Wasn't aware that this is not allowed . Thank you for pointing that out.

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