How to improve ?

This nomination was about the “ kemences” this place is our local hotspot. Its our open air terrace restaurant and meeting place

I highlighted the Kemences / antique ovens where the place is called ( named)

its located right behind the forrest education center and its not only restaurant chill and meeting place but also kano and boat rental place. It is open to everyone

hope you can give me some advice to improve.

A big thank you 🙏


  • LMSchiano-PGOLMSchiano-PGO Posts: 67 ✭✭✭

    Alas, those ovens don't look like something peculiar or unique; moreover, they could be intended as massive-produced.

    You should focus your submission on the aggregative value of your proposal, and if you could find a plaque about it would be better.

    I see you tried to propose the building on the background too, but I suggest you to re-read the guidelines and stick to them.

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