Local theater rejected for Mismatched location

Title of Stop: Waldvierteler Kammerbühne

Subtitle: (translated) The Waldviertel Kammerbühne offers a diverse, cultural theater program.

The Stage offers a diverse, cultural program with in-house productions and guest performances from the genres of theater, children's theater, music, literature and cabaret. -> Streetname and House Number visible in 2. picture. Homepage with Address and google Maps location: <link>

This is the Google Maps picture you get clicking the link and exactly the spot I put the location.


  • niktero-PGOniktero-PGO Posts: 106 ✭✭✭

    The problem is there is no streetview of this area and satellite shows no building that looks anything like this. You should start by downloading the app "streetview" and creating your own photosphere to upload to google maps. Your supporting photo does not help. It should include part of the focus of the main photo but also show something I can find on streetview or on satellite so I can confirm the location.

  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 2,353 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It would be a good nomination if I could find it on Satallite view. That curved roof shape looks very distinctive and would be the thing I would look for first to confirm a location vai Satallite view, but I don't see anything like it.

  • Sanyara8011309-PGOSanyara8011309-PGO Posts: 23 ✭✭
    edited January 3

    Yes, cause Google Maps is too old. Tihs inner part of the building was made 2021. The Address is on the supporting Foto, on the linked Homepage and the location is also in there.

    That Google Maps shows old stuff in not a new thing. It's known that you can not rely on it. But you can rely on a address I guess. (At least every letter arrives in this way, not by GoogleMaps pictures or streetView)

    I'll try do that Google View thing...

    Thanks for suggesting

  • Sanyara8011309-PGOSanyara8011309-PGO Posts: 23 ✭✭

    Just had a close look at my house in GoogleMaps, there is still a Balcony visible, so it is, at least 8 years old. 500m from here to the Theater. Google Maps is not reliable. And I don't reject PokeStops just because of what I see there if in doubt.

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