Title change for my son's memorial bench

Title of the Wayspot: boy scouts memorial bench on walking trails

Location: 42.965426,-77.369132

City: Farmington

Country: U.S.A.

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: If you look at the portal photos you can see the memorial plaque on the bench.

Additional information: This is a bench on a walking trail. However, it was not put up by the Boy Scouts, it was paid for by Henri's parents and installed by the Town of Farmington. The bench was created by Mike Houser who has created many benches in the Victor/Farmington area. It offends me every time I go to to visit the bench that someone nominated the bench with the wrong information. Henri was an avid Pokemon Go and Ingress player. Ingress was one of our shared activities.

I think the title should be: Sparky's Bench or alternatively Zod's Bench as xxZODxx was his IGN.

I'm also disappointed in the community that has repeatedly rejected my title edit even though the portal pictures make it clear this is a memorial bench to Sparky....



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