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Google streetview options are missing in nomination menu since last update

Hanenbow-PGOHanenbow-PGO Posts: 22 ✭✭

Hi Niantic,

Since the last update, the option of checking out the streetview directly from the nomination page on the wayfarer website disappeared. Before you could always select this icon

and drop it on the map. Now it is completely gone and it looks like this:

No options left to check out the streetview in this area.

I think this is a shame, because many times my wayspots got rejected due to so-called wrong location (which is a waste of my upgrade). Therefore I mostly make 360 degrees photos with the Google Street View app in advance. Since the last update, I cannot check directly from the Wayfarer website if the street view is visible.

I use Google Chrome as a browser and I review mostly on my Huawei P30 Pro (browser google chrome) or my samsung galaxy S7 (also browser google chrome). I think it has nothing to do with the version of my phone/computer, because the bug appeared at the same time on all devices, after you updated the webversion.

I hope you can fix this bug/set it back to old settings.

Kind regard,


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