Other company - out of date photos

Title of the Wayspot: Humana Donation Box Segnerova

Location: 48.154400, 17.058780

City: Bratislava

Country: Slovak republic

Photos to support your claim:

wayspot (out of date) photo

actual status

so therefore pls remove those 2 old photos

Additional information: the old box (Humana) is gone, there are 2 new ones different and provide with another new company (Ekocharita) who collect old clothes.

thank you



  • MagicalThorn-INGMagicalThorn-ING Posts: 464 ✭✭✭

    Ahoj! Hi, @VikingHiker-ING

    As you can see in the article at the following URL

    This grey box is for donating old clothes and shoes, isn't it?


    I have read the article.

    The [People to People] Project is a very good initiative.

    according to this article, there are 22 of these boxes.

    By the way, 


    humana donation box namestie dlhe diely



    humana donation box



    humana donation box hany melickovej



    Humana Donation Box



    Humana donation box molecova


    Except for (5), all the others, including the one you presented, seem to me to be of the same shape.

    Isn't it the case that not only the boxes on the agenda have been replaced, but in fact all 22 locations have been replaced?

    For example:

    Google Street View


    This is the aforementioned (4), but it looks like it's already been replaced in June 2019.

  • VikingHiker-INGVikingHiker-ING Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Hi, @MagicalThorn-ING

    I didnt research all of those 22 location, but it may be quite possible, what are you saying.

    Anyway I personally know about at least 2-3 or boxes that are new and vice versa some of those 22 are missing.

    I just pointed out to new provider of those donation boxes and with this came new "image" and for example tiping space of those containers.

    My request was just to remove those old photos to keep wayspot photo updated :)

    I can do deeper revision of other boxes in the nearly future (location, photo) 😎

  • Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made the necessary changes to the Portal.

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