Should a threshold number of wayspots already present be put so that there isn't excessive gyms/poke

I have been reviewing and pains my heart to see a nomination for a postbox in a place where there are literally thousands of pokestops/gyms. I have heard from players in areas where there are none nominations not succeeding because there is a park but no signs. I think there should be serious review of this process based on what the end goal for Niantic is! Just based on criteria I would have to approve it but it feels wrong!!!!


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    Did you mean your location only have few Wayspots, while a place near 51.082191,1.189850 have lots of Wayspots? Seems pretty normal to me.

  • I think it should depend on the area. If it is done by cubes of land in general then areas with fewer Pokestops may be caught up in it. By looking at approved stops in your area, it does look like the criterial of approvals should increase. They should have some sort of local or historical value. My neighborhood has two stops (baseball field and tennis court). The tennis court should not be a stop because we don't hold events there as far as I know but the baseball field should be a stop because we use that field for special events (one being "night on the hooch"). If it is something like a mailbox then no. I do have one question about park though. Is the park considered a protected national park? If it is then it may need an update on it's information.

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    Sorry, but why should a tennis court not be a stop -- because you don't hold events there?? What do you mean by an event?

    If it's a regular tennis court where people play tennis, then that should suffice. Same thing with a baseball field; it would not require any special events to be held there. A baseball field on its own is fine.

    And stops with historical value... how are you using historical value in evaluating whether or not something should be approved? I know I have had some perfectly valid nominations improperly rejected for that reason.

    Parks also don't need to be a protected national park so not sure why you brought this up.

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    It's hard to say for sure from that image alone.

    Please provide detailed information, including exact latitude and longitude.

    It may be a mass of false rumors Wayspot, depending on the situation.

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    That looks like it might be an urban area. Urban areas generally have more POI than rural because there's more interesting things in an urban environment and there are more players to nom those things.

    Urban vs rural is kind of a thing. NIAs games can be difficult to play in rural places, especially if no one has played there previously to add things

    Another thing to note is that because of cell layout not everything you see on the dupe map is in Pogo. It's even possible for some to not be in Ingress.

    Concentration of POI should also not be a consideration when voting on reviews.

    From what I've read, there are "priority cells" for some rural areas that makes things do through faster.

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    By the nature of history, how people live and how towns are planned there will always be this discrepancy in POI density. Some small towns can have many 100s of accepted POIs other large modern cities might have relatively few. Remember not all accepted POIs will appear in your game of choice. Some POIs will appear in a niantic game, but there might be many more that do not. Wayfarer as a process strives to build a database of useful POIs that "can" be used by niantic and 3rd parties to generate AR games and tools. It is very difficult for players to remove themselves from game specific mechanics when submitting, concerns about proximity or S2 cells but at the end of the day Wayfarer is a process for gathering content, maybe Niantic should build on the Wayfarer system to allow for periodic review of this content to maintain standards and hopefully improve the quality of the POIs that player are exposed to while retaining the information in the lightship product. It will be interesting to see how Wayfarer changes and improves over time.

  • Number of poi you see while reviewing is far larger than actual in-game portals/stops etc. Many of them are not visible in game.

    There should be a way of rating existing poi, for reviewers with the best score, as there are many low quality poi (some even not meeting criteria) that exist in games, while many great poi are not visible, because there already is some other low quality poi in the same cell.

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    The number of POIs is automatically capped. E.g in PoGo the cells limit the number of pokestops.

    Why would you want to further curb this? This looks like a great, busy place to play

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    There is a long wait for many new nominations to still be decisioned, whether they are in queue or in voting. So would question then why existing approved portals should be rated/reviewed instead in light of the new nominations still needing to be finalized.

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    I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment expressed by OP. Contrary to one of the comments above, as an Ingress player I find playing in the area where I can create multiple fields without taking a single step to be the opposite of "great". Ingress (and I believe this applies to all NIA games) should be about exploring the interesting features in the area, not generic mailboxes, trashcans and dropped candy wrappers.

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