Parc de Carisiolas: Wayspots no longer exist

Title of the Wayspots: Catapulte de Carisiolas

+ Le four de Pierre,

+ A l'attaque du chateau fort,

+ Roue géante de Carisiolas

Location: 49.629314263868515, 3.0354318693069398

City: Crisolles

Country: France

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim and additional information

Hi all!

All the wayspots located inside now definitely closed amusement park "le parc de Carisiolas" were definitely removed from their location. So please remove the in game wayspots as well as per links below:

- Catapulte de Carisiolas,3.040147&z=17&pll=49.626154,3.040129

- Roue géante de carisiolas,3.040147&z=17&pll=49.626174,3.037947

- à l'attaque du chateau fort,3.040147&z=17&pll=49.626154,3.040129

- Le four de pierre

The "parc de Carisiolas" was definitely closed in March 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic, as you can read in the newspaper articles below.

The Wayspot "Catapulte de Carisiolas" was removed in August 2021. But mysteriously it reappeared in the game in December 2021 with these 3 other portals.

Moreover the park of Carisiolas was sold to a **** Park company as you can read in the newspaper article below, as well as on the facebook page (shootingparkballtrap). **** park is under construction (photo and video posted on their Facebook page) and is not accessible safely anymore . In addition it seems that POIs based in **** areas (be it parks or military bases) don't meet the criteria of Niantic's wayspots.

Google maps and Bing are not up to date regarding the closure of the park of Carisiolas and it can be confusing. Nevertheless, newspapers should bring enough proof that the Park is closed for good.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Best regards,



  • Zw4nn-INGZw4nn-ING Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Maybe we can ask how the player could capture these portals if the park is closed since last year... 🚁🛸🚀✈️🛩️


  • Shooters42-INGShooters42-ING Posts: 29 ✭✭


    i am agree for all, and @CamsEyes-ING you have put same link for "Catapulte de Carisiolas" and "à l'attaque du chateau fort"

  • MaireDenis-PGOMaireDenis-PGO Posts: 12 ✭✭

    Any recents picture and street view to support your claim?

    At the moment there is no proof that these objects were removed. Maybe they will be kept by the new owner or maybe not.

  • CamsEyes-INGCamsEyes-ING Posts: 21 ✭✭

    Hi @MaireDenis-PGO !

    Thanks for your question.

    Maybe this post is difficult to understaind for you because the newspapers articles and facebook page are in french and maybe also because there is a lot of asterisx in some parts of the post.

    I briefly re-explain the situation for you:

    1. The park was definitly closed in March 2020.
    2. It was sold to a s-h-o-o-t-i-n-g park in May 2021 as written in this official document (in french but easy to understand or translate).

    So, it's impossible to have recent streetview contribution beacause: 1. google cars can't enter in a closed park and 2. no contributors can enter in a closed park.

    But! But if you want recent photo and also video taken iside the park you can read again the post you commented where the facebook page of the current owner (shootingparkballtrap) was mentionned. As you can see in the most recent photo below taken in december 2021 the s-h-o-o-t-i-n-g area of the new park is under construction.

    There is no more catapulte or oven or wheel.

    I attached other photos from the Facebook page just for you. So as you can easily understant when the 4 wayspots were submitted and accepted they did'nit exist anymore. So this 4 Wayspots are fake wayspots.

    I thank you to give me the opportunity to clarify that point.

    Best regards

  • Lethenas-INGLethenas-ING Posts: 14 ✭✭✭

    Hello, I agree with you that the park was bought back and that it is currently closed, you have put enough evidence to prove it here.

    But I think that despite the photos that you have posted it is difficult to say that this photo corresponds to this or that portal. And it is the new park that decides to keep certain elements as a souvenir of the old park. It is therefore very difficult to know whether the portals in question still exist without real and tangible evidence

    You would have to go there, in my opinion, once the park is open with real proof that they no longer exist, because unfortunately there is no proof of that now.

    Good day to you cordially.

  • CamsEyes-INGCamsEyes-ING Posts: 21 ✭✭
    edited January 7

    Hi @Lethenas-ING!

    Thanks for your comment.

    I know that you perfectly understand French and all is written in the link I shared and in the post and comment above.

    So, I'm surprised that you are quibbling about the real existence of the Wayspots inside this park.


    1. Amusement medival park de Carisiolas definitly close for 2 years.

    2. Replaced by Shootingpark in May 2021.

    3. Catapulte de Carisiolas was at this time the only Wayspot inside the park as you can see in this old (august 12th 2021) screen attached below.

    4. Shootingpark is under construction since october 2021 as you can see in the photo shared above and also in the numerous photos and video posted in the Facebookpage of the current owner.

    5. Waysposts reappeared in December 2021 but as you can see on the photo of shootingpark there is no more wheel, oven or catapultes inside the park, only earthen mounds.

    Even if they had kept it as a souvenir (which they don't, as the Facebook photos show) a place where weapons are used is off limits for Niantic and is dangerous. So anyway these Wayspots should be removed.

    The person(s) who resubmitted these wayspots have used for the "Catapulte de Carisiolas" the same photo as the deleted Wayspot "Catapulte de Carisiolas" as you can see below. This is an abusive false nomination. I reviewed this nomination in Wayfarer and reported it.

    I share with you a photo of my computer view in attached files (yes I know that a screenshot would be better but I was so shocked) when I reviewed this nomination.

    As you can see the second photo of the "portal surroundings" doesn't show the portal surroundings but a road in a forest. I can share a closest view of this path in the forest so you can recognized it and compared with the photo shared by shootingpark.

    For the other Wayspots photos: it's easy to find old photo of the amusement park de carisiolas in their old facebook page or with a google search.

    I thank you for giving me the opportunity to develop on the reality these wayspots.

    Best regards.

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  • CamsEyes-INGCamsEyes-ING Posts: 21 ✭✭

    @NianticVK another Wayspot just reappeared in the park.

    please remove it.

    This area is as detailed above a shootingpark under construction. So firstly it’s closed and second it’s not a safe place to play all Niantic’s game.,3.046652&z=15&pll=49.626249,3.03893

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