nominations on or around the grounds of outpatient clinics

Is there any official criteria or clarification regarding outpatient medical clinics (any medical specialty, dentistry, etc) that aren't physically connected to hospitals or located on hospital property? I know there's been some hot debate on the point of hospitals and "obstructing emergency services", and I'd like to treat this as a separate discussion from medical facilities that have legitimate emergency capabilities and regular traffic from personnel or vehicles that respond only in emergency situations.

Obviously, the waypoint needs to fit eligibility criteria, and just nominating a clinic as its own waypoint may not do that. But if a nomination would otherwise meet eligbility criteria (like unique art in a waiting room, or a fountain outside a dentist office, or unique architecture adjacent to a family medicine clinic, etc), it seems like it shouldn't be rejected on the grounds of obstructing emergency services or being a sensitive location because emergency vehicles and emergency services almost as a rule don't operate from outpatient settings. Generally, a clinic operates at a pace where the inclusion of a waypoint in the vicinity doesn't compromise work flow or patient care to a dangerous degree, if at all. You could make the case that an ambulance could respond if an emergency situation develops in an outpatient clinic, but that's not the purpose of a clinic to respond to situations like this, and those instances are generally very rare.

If there's any official clarification on this, link it please.


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