Valid nomination not showing in Ingress or Pokemon go

Today I noticed nomination from the summer that I assumed didn't go live because of another stop nearby, but it didn't show in Ingress neither.

Is there an explanation, or is it something obvious I missed.


  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 2,905 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Back in summer, Niantic weren't using the lightship database, and Ingress functioned as the main database. If it was within 20 metres of an existing Ingress portal, it would not have been added to the database and would function as if you had never submitted it. Since they changed to lightship though, the 20 metre rule no longer dictates what gets added to the database, as it's a rule specifically for Ingress (which currently appears to be broken anyway).

    I suggest you go back to this location and attempt to submit the wayspot again. If you open up the submission map where this wayspot should be, you'll see existing wayspots on the map (you have to physically be at the location to check this). If this submission shows up as a Wayfarer pin on the map, it means it is in the database, but if it doesn't show up, then you're free to resubmit it. Of course, it still might not end up showing up in any of the current games if it gets accepted again, but at least this time you would know Niantic have it in their database.

  • Duchess1a-PGODuchess1a-PGO Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Thank you. I will try again so.

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