Church had all Pokestops removed in 2016, what is the process to get them back with church approval

A suburban church near me had all of their pokestops and gyms removed in 2016 due to being overwhelmed by pokemon go players upon it's release. They still appear in Ingress and possibly HPWU. Now that the game has died down, they are allowing the church to have pokestops again. They are a Polish church and many of the workers, including the Priest who oversees the property don't have the best english and don't seem very technical so I am not sure if they can do it themselves. If I get a written letter from them with a signature verifying that they are okay with the wayspots coming back to Pokemon Go, how would I go about getting that form and the request to Niantic. I see the removal form, but that only seems to be for removal of wayspots. The appeals forum here also doesn't seem like the correct spot.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


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