Known Issue with 500k wayspots in India Wayfarer Challenge.

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I have nominated pokestop,sadly after all of the data is pretty accurate,still my pokestop get not accepted because of 50-50% negative and positive ratings given by community so I want it to get re-reviewed because i only have 1 pokestop nereby my house,and because of this problem faced by many more nereby player's who are living near my house have to go 5 to 7 km's far from their home to just enjoy 1 hour this shitty game of your's.I want you to add 10 to 15 more pokestop's near this location 26.989359,75.764310. ,plz here my request wayfarer nianticlabs.


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    First of all: you can appeal a rejection on the main Wayfarer website. There's an "Appeal" button on the nomination page.

    That being said, appeals are (or will be, because they haven't started getting resolved) very slow, apparently. You might be better off nominating it again.

    If you want advice on how to improve your chances of getting it accepted, post the details (title, description, photos, location, supporting info) to the Nomination improvement category.

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    That's not how this works.

    Niantic are importing the data from a third party source, in chunks. Maybe one of the chunks of data will contain some stuff near you, maybe it won't. You'll need to wait to see, as the process is due to go on for the next few weeks from what I gather.

    Regarding your rejected nomination, feel free to post it in Nomination Improvements so the community can have a look at it and make suggestions. If it seems valid, you're welcome to submit an appeal within Wayfarer itself.

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    This has nothing to do with the past India Wayfarer challenge. And 500k Wayspots (not Pokestops) are being added from Foursquare imports, not through Wayfarer.

    As others said, please resubmit your nomination after you improve it if necessary.

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    If what you said about that location of yours is near your home, there are some Foursquare imports already, but not as much as you would like:

    • CEAT Shoppe, Rajoria Tyre Centre
    • Crossland Ford (there's two right next to each other!)
    • Evapoler Eco Cooling Solution
    • Healing Hands Clinic, Jyoti Nursing Home
    • Hotel Harsh
    • Khandelwal Dhaba (Purana Wala)
    • Khandelwal dhabha
    • Metro
    • Murphy Lightings
    • Road no 9 sikar road
    • Sharma Dhaba
    • Skoda auto service centre
    • Toska Furniture
    • toska furniture
    • aapno gaon

    There also seems to be a series of fake playgrounds not too far from your location. Examples:

    You may not be responsible for them, but thank you for indirectly revealing some abusive and fake nominations in your area. To answer your "known issue about this so-called 'challenge'" they are still in the process of adding more and these rounds will be complete through to February 2, 2022. Please be patient, they will be coming soon!

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    You are right,when it comes to fake pokestops,I know they are fake because one day I think about going there but I find out that there is just some empty area with garbage and so on. Something I want to inform you that wayfarer created a pokestop which is now gym under my team is at a wrong location i had already edited the location more than 4 times but it doesn't changed anything.

    Thanks for your reply,i appreciate your words you said everything on behalf of evidents.


    Aarav 366(playing pogo since 2019).

  • Aarav366-PGOAarav366-PGO Posts: 11 ✭✭

    But don't forget Niantic promised of 500k Pokestops (sorry wayspots) if they created less than what will you do.I want to know.

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    The name of that wayspot which is at wrong location is Shree Shideshwar Mandir,check that out.

  • Aarav366-PGOAarav366-PGO Posts: 11 ✭✭

    And I forget about telling you that there are more place than you mentioned above 13 wayspots in the future.Some wayspots you forget to mention can be found easily on Google maps. 1•Some tea stalls and temples are there just near the location i sent you and there is also a building nearby named as Anjali Heights.And not only that if you check out around 6km radius from there you will get a very high shock that is more that 2000 waystops can be created.If you zoom in every single place you will find out that there are so many unlimited place which you can convert into wayspots if you do that my 43 friends who left playing pogo and ingress will come again to play and the community will get rebuild.At last,one thing to tell you if your Niantic company will advertise this game on TV Channels and YouTube,I will bet you will get a huge number of increase in players all around india,believe me.I know the Indians are different if we saw somethings advertisements on TV or YouTube all throughout the day we will begin to go for that thing,so try this 100% guarantee d thing here in India,plz .So that players can increase in India too.

    Examples of some successful games who advertised there games in India:-

    1• Players Unknown BattleGround Mobile(Pubg Mobile).

    2•Garena Free Fire

    3•Angry Birds

    4•Subway Surfers

    ,etc.If you want to know about this thing you can search on Google about top famous games advertised in India.

    It my suggestion because when these games are unknown here,these games company started giving advertisements in Newspapers and online too,they started organising tournaments and this creates a lot of attention towards these games. Everyone in my class 2 years ago started gossiping just about these games .Example:-One of my friend is just gossiping about the ads of Pubg Mobile,he said that the game is looking fantastic and I think it will be a good game to play,and some friends also said the same thing.So at last it is my thinking that you should need to advertise your game here in India because there so many people's who do not even know that what this game is all about,you should probably thing that most of the people in India know about Pokemon Go than it is just a lie because not so many people even don't know about this that what is Pokemon.If you had read this till here than I want you to know about a Indian Pokemon Go Video Creator on Youtube,his channel name is We Back.

    Your's faithfully

    Aarav366(active pogo player since 2019).

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    I re-read all comment, I don't see any that could be perceived as rude. You were given good advice, which you have - sor far - completely ignored.

    To reiterate:

    The currently ongoing project to populate the game map in India is using Foursquare as a source, so only things that are in the Foursquare database will have a chance to appear.

    Everything else will be only added if someone nominates them and they get approved in a normal review process. If your nomination got rejected, you can ask for advice in the Nomination Improvement section.

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    The only thing I found rude in words in this thread was your spectacular entrance of calling this a "shitty game of your's" (how did that even pass moderation and the sensors I don't even know). No one here should be giving you advice if your post is solely directed towards "here my request wayfarer nianticlabs".

    Niantic staff are online during weekdays (usually) and are usually in hibernation during weekends. Once they go online they may attend to your request to consider your hometown to add more Foursquare POIs such as more car dealerships, tyre centres, furniture stores (and maybe if you're lucky, some actual worthy wayspots such as temples and statues). You will just need to wait for them to go online.

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