Appeal: Infosign POI wrongly removed

Title of the Wayspot: Triade

Location: 53.585808, 7.768900 (I just looked it up on google, it's there, I don't know how to check lat/long if portal was removed, I nominated it 2020/05/31 so you can see it in my Wayfarer account)

City: Wittmund

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: The portal is an info sign about a piece of art on the traffic circle. The agent from the other faction, who removed it, is mostly a cargresser and maybe thought this not accessible for pedestrian, when he removed it the first time.

I nominated it again and told him there is a sign on the pedestrian way which is the portal, but he removed it again anyway. As you can see it is accessible and a safe way to see the sign. Please restore



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