Murals in a balcony keeps getting rejected for private proverty: is this ok?


before talking about my case, I introduce myself: day-one PoGo player and Ingress Player since winter 2019. I'm quite into submitting and reviewing; i populated my town with more than 200 wayspots and reviewed 9218 submissions, with an agreements rate of about 68%.

I'm trying to get a particular mural to be approved, but it constantly keeps being rejected by being on private property. Said mural is this:

Main photo

Support photo:

Photosphere is present:,10.1567977,3a,90y,352.78h,94.64t,7.4r/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipOvf8wN5z_No7pDIThRHXcvzAIvJhMe9dFSyi_T!2e10!3e12!7i5376!8i2688

Now: according to Ingress AMA in November 2019, “Regardless of any other criteria, if a nomination doesn’t have pedestrian access it is not eligible.” Height is not something that is explicitly considered. If you can safely reach the wall a mural is painted on, but the mural is 20 feet off the ground, that is fine.

As you can see on the support image, the mural is on a balcony, but the wall it was depicted on is freely and safely accessible by public land, so, from my POV, it shouldn't be rejected because of private property.

Moreover, on the left of the door, there are 3 mailboxes, supporting the fact that house is a multifamiliar condominium: for this additional reason, this shouldn't be rejected as being a private property, because this should only concern single-family properties.

What do you think? Is this murals eligible or not?


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