Info sign location edit over 10 m

Title of the Wayspot: Infobord de abdijkeuken en de refter

Location: 50.8575450, 3.6277440

City: Ename

Country: Belgium

Photos to support your claim:

In the first image, the red circle indicates the current location of the portal. The blue circle indicates the actual location of the sign. This should be clear by looking at the white square located close tho the ruins. The second image shows how the portal should be moved.

The third image shows the sign "abdijkeuken en refter" with the text written on it. This image shows that the sign is located right next to the ruins and not over 10 m away. This supports the claim that the portal should be moved as shown in image 2.

The fourth image shows the current location of the portal. Here it is clear that nothing portal worthy, especially not the sign "abdijkeuken en refter" is located in this area.

Additional information: This wayspot is part of a series of information signs at the archeological park in Ename. The signs show the different places that were present centuries ago. However, this specific wayspot (indicated with the red circle) is not in the right location. When looking with the Google satellite layer in IITC a small white square can be seen with no portal on top of it (indicated with the blue circle). This square is the actual location of the sign (red circle) thus the red circle should be moved to the blue circle. The correct location is: 50.8579735, 3.6283502

This is further supported by the following pictures showing that the sign (with "abdijkeuken en refter" written on it) is located right next to the ruins and not 20 m away. The last image shows the current (wrong) location of the portal, where no sign can be found.

This wayspot is often used in the same multi-layer field and adds one additional layer, but when placing the portal in the right spot it would not be possible to use in that multi-layer field and leave out one field. If it was placed in the wrong location intententionally or not doesn't matter, it is unfair and should be changed asap.



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    It appears to me that not only the above but also the following Wayspots are missing from Google Maps.


    Infobord : transitie van abdijsite ename



    infobord: het verhaal van ename



    infokaart archeologisch park Ename



    Infobord: De zieken verzorgen


    The next waypoint is 5 metres off to the north.


    Welkom in Ename


    The next one is 7 metres off to the south.


    infobord: kapittelen en slapen


  • Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made necessary changes to the Portal's location.

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