New River Trail [NR-32]

Howdy 🤠

I been mapping out this trail with another local agent and this is the only one so far that has been Rejected on my end. If memory serves it was because the reviewer could not place the pin 📌📍 in Maps but it's parallel to the existing sister portal on the other side of New River, named 'New River Trail [NR-33]'. If you see the pictures below 👇 it'll make a lot more sense. But basically, there are over 56+ of these Blue markers all along New River Trail with the even-numbered entries residing on the West ⬅️ side of the river and the odds being on the East ➡️ side. Try not to focus on Thunderbird Rd because the placement of [NR-32] isn't parallel to [NR-33] relative to Thunderbird, but rather relative to New River, itself. It's also parallel to the adjacent trail to the North ⬆️ that connects the East and West sides. Basically, if you tilt your phone 🤳 a little bit to the left ◀️, there's your portal. Please see photo #4.

Thank you for your time and consideration 🙇‍♂️


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