Invalid Wayspot Appeal (Non-existent and Duplicate Wayspot)

Title of the Wayspot: фермерская лавка

Location: 43.476268, 43.568259

City: Nalchik

Country: Russia

Wayspot №1

This store has been closed for a long time and is no longer open.

Wayspot №2

Title of the Wayspot: Музей

Location: 43.481952, 43.572046

City: Nalchik

Country: Russia

This portal has the wrong location. Real location: 43.475898, 43.569977


As you can see closely, this is the same object. The door, the railing, the holes in the wall, everything matches. Now there is no sign on it, and the building itself is surrounded by a fence, which means that the Museum is no longer working, or it is temporarily closed.

Please move this wayspot to a real location: 43.475898, 43.569977 or delete.

Wayspot №3

Title of the Wayspot: Гостиница Меридиан

Location: 43.473118, 43.578620

City: Nalchik

Country: Russia,43.5692173,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!3m7!1s0x405a041911baef85:0x441a8e7de2b4ea3e!5m2!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d43.4701127!4d43.5715544

This object is at the wrong coordinates. Its real location: 43.470111, 43.571563

Please move this wayspot to real coordinates or delete it. Moreover, he does not fit the selection criteria. this is a private hotel, the entrance to which is closed to outsiders

Wayspot №4

Title of the Wayspot: Почта России

Location: 43.477319,43.574805

City: Nalchik

Country: Russia

This wayspot is a duplicate of an existing one.

Correct coordinates: 43.474337,43.567331

Please remove the duplicate.

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