POIs in Hannover wrongfully removed

Location: 52.33961834591264, 9.81471605274243

City: Hannover

Country: Germany

4 reported Wayspots which are allegedly on "regular school ground" have been wrongfully removed.

The reporters post here: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/27675/4-pokestops-on-school-propperty-1-pokestop-that-dosnt-exist

Wayspot in question:

Geheimnisvoller Brunnen

Bolzplatz Wülfel

Kunstwerk Fahrrad Metall

Kunstwerk im Grünen

Pic of that person to visualize here:

The 4 POIs ARE NOT on a regular school ground!

At this place are a swimming school for all ages and an adult education institution with multi-storey building where people can live. Basically a college.

Also some institutions to help people with their daily life there. The "Bolzplatz" is public ground or part of that adult education institution, so quasi public, which is something the rules allow. The only regular school is south of that, a basic school.

This whole complex including the basic school belongs to the DIAKOVERE Annatisft Leben und Lernen gGmbh. (DIAKOVERE Annatisft life and learning gGmbh)

North is the Annastift Berufsbildungswerk (Annastift vocational training center)

West a support and care center for its residents

A building with ca. 12 floors for its residents.

A swimming pool, mainly use as swim school for all ages on the east site.

Mira Lobe basic school. --- The only place where Wayspots would not be allowed as children are educated here!

The "Bolzplatz" (Sports ground) got a direct connection to the complex, so it is to assume that anyone there can use it and not only the children if the Mira Lobe basic school.

Google 3D view:

Google gallery photos:

(POI Geheimnissvoller Brunnen kinda in the foreground here)


As you can see the school also got another adress, it's part of another street.



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