Upgrade = Rejection

My last six upgraded nominations were all rejected. Even the once reliable playgrounds and baseball fields have been rejected recently. It has reached the point where I don’t even like to use an upgrade because the odds seem overwhelmingly stacked against your success. Other members in my community have been having the same issue. The nominations without an upgrade have fared slightly better, but who has the time to wait months for an agreement? I still have nominations without upgrades from last July that haven’t even left the queue. I’m getting seriously burned out by the spam rejections or whatever and having to backtrack all over town to resubmit nominations that met all criteria the first time around. Upgraded nominations are just quickly rejected with no explanation other than the ‘Other Rejection Criteria’ option, which isn’t really an explanation and definitely doesn’t tell you what you can do to make the nomination better for resubmission. I really hope Niantic takes a closer look at this issue because everything was fine up until a few months ago.


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