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Description & Title Edits count towards the same number for contribution limits

Tntnnbltn-INGTntnnbltn-ING Posts: 519 Ambassador


This has been an long-ongoing situation and I am not sure if it is a bug, or poor communication on Niantic’s part.

The recent contribution limits announcement said:

  • Title Edits - 2 Daily Accrual / 40 Daily Max
  • Description Edits - 2 Daily Accrual / 40 Daily Max

What this would sound like to the average person is that I could go out with max contributions and make 40 title edits and 40 description edits. i.e. Make 80 edits total. This is also what is consistent with the in-game text (“You have 40 title edits available today.” and “You have 40 description edits available today.”)

However, that is not how the system actually works.

When you do a title edit, it removed one from the available number of title edits AND description edits. And vice versa; Making a description edit removes one from both counters.

This effectively halves the number of title and description edits people would expect from the wording.

If this is not the intended behaviour:

* Please make title and description edits use separate counters so that using one type of edit does not also decrease the number for the other type of edit.

* If the above change will take time to implement, please consider doubling the number of title/description edits provided until the change can be made so that people are not limited to half as many edits as they should be entitled.

If it IS intended behaviour that description and edits count towards the same pool of contribution limits:

* Please reword in-game text to indicate this. e.g. “You have 40 title/description edits available today.”

* Change the wording of published material about contribution limits in the same way. e.g. Don’t write about description edit limits and title edit limits in forum posts as if they were separate entities to each other.

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