Appealing Niantic Review

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I got this one rejected yesterday and there are no rejection reasons. I checked with the wayfaring community and the only ones with no reasons are ones that were previously rejected by Niantic review. The new system erased the "Niantic rejection" from the nominations page and removed all rejection reasons from the emails.




  • Hello @niktero-PGO,

    We are unable to provide specific details for each nomination that is ineligible in this thread. If you feel that your rejected nomination should have been approved, you can now appeal it. To appeal a rejected nomination, please follow these steps: 

    1. Log in to Wayfarer

    2. Go to your Nomination Management page:

    3. Click the nomination you'd like to submit an appeal for

    4. Click the Appeal button and enter a note on why this nomination should be accepted.

    5. Click Submit nomination. 


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