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Howdy 🤠

I'm trying to add my favorite Burger 🍔 Place, but as I'm editing the description, it's giving me this error message:


Can I get an extra set of eyes, just to make sure my description is okay? It seems pretty benign to me, but I might be missing something here:

"Rehab Burger Therapy is a multiple-time award winning Burger and Taco place, boasting the Best Burger in Phoenix for multiple years in a row. Their proprietary blend of Sirloin, Brisket and Chuck keeps customers coming back time and time again. Co-Owner, Chef Ken recommends these Burgers be cooked medium-rare to medium to really bring out that award-winning flavor. A special, unique weekend Burger is announced via social media every Friday and served throughout the weekend, Saturday and Sunday."

I've tried changing/removing some words like 'Joint' and 'Rehab' but I still get the same result. Any ideas or recommendations?

Edit: I do believe I figured it out: Removing reference to Chef Ken allowed it to go through just fine. No references to real world people.



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