New Fakes Gützkow & Karlsburg

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Since the existing threads (Gützkow & Karlsburg) just don't seem to get any more attention, I'm now creating this new post in the hope that the fakes will now be removed as soon as possible.



Title of the Wayspot: seahorse bench

Location: 53.982621,13.607151

City: Karlsburg

Country: Germany

Additional information: Fake. Photo was stolen from the following website:


Title of the Wayspot: Trafo "Gute Fahrt"

Current (Wrong!) Location: 53.982292,13.608305

Correct Location: 53.981886, 13.608788

City: Karlsburg

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

In the lower left picture you can see the building of the train station in the background, which is already a wayspot, this can also be clearly verified on the satellite view. Therefore, the correct location of this wayspot should also be traceable.


Title of the Wayspot: spielplatz

Current Location: 53.932946,13.412196

City: Gützkow

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Fake.


Title of the Wayspot: Frieda

Location: 53.933991,13.413619

City: Gützkow

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: K12.

The object is actually at the coordinates "53.933869, 13.413543" on the kindergarten premises. I only took this one photo at this point because children were playing there. Taking photos there would cause me maximum problems.

As in the first thread about the village of Gützkow (No. 26), something was photographed on the grounds of the kindergarten and submitted next to it. This is also easy to understand.

Clue 1: The wayspot is painted with chalk - this makes little sense in a public space, but it can make sense on the premises of a kindergarten.

Clue 2: In the background you can see a hedge which, according to the satellite view and my proof photo, can only match the kindergarten, since there is no hedge at the point where the Wayspot was placed.

Clue 3: The title "Frieda" is just a female first name and has nothing to do with the Wayspot itself. It's just a little wooden railway.


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