No more wasted efforts from me


I am posting here as a means of providing feedback on the submission of new pokestops and their dismissal. Submitting new pokestops was one of those things I looked forward to so much when it arrived in Pokemon Go. I am however really frustrated by how the approval/voting process keeps dismissing many of my proposals on an incorrect basis.

Like my last one submitted, a playground which was dismissed for "wrong location" and "lack of pedestrian access". I wrote it was newly built houses and playground and submitted photo of surroundings yet people vote based on old Google maps images. Hello I fricking live here and THIS IS NEWLY BUILT. So many of my stops have been dismissed based on old Google maps photage. I am done trying to make pokemon go better. In the meantime I see gyms and stops which should not be allowed, and I report them, and people keep insisting they are legit. It's next to a preschool/kindergarten!


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    If it's not on Satallite view then there is no way to confirm the location if it is a new build. If Google Maps is outdated, make a Photosphere of your submission as up to date proof of whats at the location,

    Stops next to a Pre-school are allowed. If the stop is on the pre-school premises or attached to the wall or fence surroundin the pre-school they are ineligible and should be removed. Report it via the in game app, if it does not get sorted you can appeal the rejection in these forums.

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