K-12 Tuition Centre - Eligible or Not?

I walked past a tuition centre today. Spent the entirety of the walk wondering if tuition centre's would be eligible under Niantic Criteria. I suppose the best category it could go under would be "a great place to gather/socialise"... but it makes me wonder if there should be a category for "a great place to learn" too.

When I got home and had a look at their website it specifically says that they specialise in tuition for GCSEs and A-Levels (which for people not from the UK basically means students aged 14-18 roughly). So even if tuition centre's were eligible, this one specifically probably is not since it caters to K-12 ages.

What do you all think?

Some links:

https://goo.gl/maps/dLxxZSveCkmCiAeC7 - Google Streetview

https://www.facebook.com/pathwaytuitioncentre/ - Social Media

https://www.netmums.com/local/l/pathway-tuition-centre - Website


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