Best Way to Report Abuse / Creation of a large number of fake waypoints

I am searching for the best way to report the creation of a large number of fake waypoints. I know how to report using the app, but would like to know if there is any other way other than the tedious process of reporting, scanning, taking a photosphere, and appealing when the report is rejected.

I have located a nature preserve where approximately 40 waypoints have been faked. The fakes are all plausible. For example, most are footbridges (nine in total) and nature signs. Exploring the park, I could not find most of the waypoints in the park. Each of the waypoints that could not be found were created by what is probably one person with 4 accounts - the fakes were made by PlayerName, PlayerName002, PlayerName 003, PlayerName04 (I am substituting PlayerName for the in game name). All fakes were created in the last year.

Researching a few, I found examples where the photo was take from another waypoint in the state, some were photoshopped, and some were stock photos repurposed to create the waypoint. The following is one example where an image was taken from a site that sells nature signs to create a fake waypoint:


Image from a website selling nature signs

Another example, this time of a photoshopped image. The photoshopping is not too bad, until you consider the size of the nearby leaves versus the size of the sign...


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