Need your help to build a community in a third world country.

Hello. my name is Maro and not long ago i leveled up to level 38 and got access to the nomination feature+the wayfarer website to help me get more pokéstops out in my community. i worked hard to get my first upgrade and finally got it now working towards the second one. but when i upgraded one of my nominations instead of a 24hours response that everyone was promising me now the nomination is upgraded for more than a week and still no response. some people in the wayfarer Discord helped me understand that this is due to the lack of people playing the game where i live and the lack of reviewers there, and i wanted to ask if there is a way to put a community manager there that can decide wich nominations can be accepted and wich can not be based one the "Yes/No" ratio of the votes on said nomination after a certain period of time in wich there were nominated in. Or if people wanted to put their Bonus location somewhere they could put it in "Algeria in the province of Algiers" to help us get more voters there and thus help out nominations going through. i know i may be asking too much out of you but in order to get some if any growth in my community we need some pokéstops and gyms to do anything in the game and so please help us do so.


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    Whoever told you that you’ll get a decision on an Upgrade within 24 hours lied to you first of all.

    Reviewers can change their bonus location if they want to, once a year. Also, what you’ve nominated is a Wayspot/POI, that may become a PokéStop. Not all nominations go into all games.

    This seems to almost be the “moar stopz” supporting information I often see, but in a forum post.

    Niantic will pick up nominations to review internally that have been outstanding without a decision for a long time (2-18 months in my experience) but will not (to my knowledge) just assign someone to review due to lack of reviewers in the area. Perhaps get a local group going and get people playing?

    There was clearly enough XP available in the area for you to get to level 38 on Pokémon GO, so you can work with others too, and ask them to review when they hit the right level.

  • Mormegil71-INGMormegil71-ING Posts: 201 ✭✭✭

    Hmm...Algiers have over 500 stops in town. Countrywide, there are over 3K poi. Not very high density, but still many enough to level up and have enough reviewers in the country itself. Maybe you could start with searching for FB pages in Algeria about PoGo and try to tell people to take the Wayfarer test?

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    yes, there are some pokéstops which are located around the main cities. so unless we do a 30min drive we won't really be able to get any. there are some pokéstops scattered here and there but mostly spaced out by 500 meters. i did see a Facebook page about pokémon go but the owner told me it was created at the launch of the game and now no one plays it anymore. the current pokéstops which are in right now were submitted and accepted back then and it's very rare to see a new pokéstop pop now due to the lack of players submitting and the lack of players who passed the exam and can review the submissions. so the few remaining players who play now are kinda stuck in a loop of trying to get people to play hard enough to get to 38 and have the ability to help and try to keep them playing and not giving up due to the lack of pokéstops in the rural areas.

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    I think it would be wonderful if we could have a dedicated thread for "Bonus Area Support Needed" requests, which could perhaps be standardized in format: Name of country, name of town or central coordinates, language(s) primarily used for local submissions, and oldest known waypoint still in Queue or Voting status. Such a published listing would allow the Reviewer community to assist the areas in greatest known need, without relying on Niantic's introduction of new reviewing mechanisms like the excellent Expanding Circle idea.

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    Maybe setting up a new FB page, where you also can start up gift trading groups will help people levelling up would be an idea?

    I wonder, do you have any idea on how many 38+ players who also are Wayfarers there are in Algeria?

  • iFrankmans-INGiFrankmans-ING Posts: 198 Ambassador

    Yes I am so up for this, every year I switch, but it is a pain to find where I can contribute best..

  • Mormegil71-INGMormegil71-ING Posts: 201 ✭✭✭

    I try to run a listing somewhat like that for certain areas, mainly in Africa, the Middle East and Oceania.

    We have active groups in Mauretania, Mali, Cameroon, Sudan, Gabon, Zambia, Sao Tome, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Iraq and Zimbabwe.

    Places we've done before are Greenland, Cote de Ivoire, Comoros Islands, Solomon Islands, and Botswana.

    Still, there are only 10 countries/territories in Africa with more than a 1000 poi; South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Reunion, Algeria, Kenya, Mauritius, Ghana and Kap Verde, in that order. Only the top 3 are over 10K poi. We do our best to try to help, but the number of reviewers willing to put their BL in such areas is limited. :/

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    so far I know only 11 people who play actively and focus their attention on reviewing the nominations in the country. there could be more than that of course but the only ones I know about and are in a pokemon go discord and the Facebook that was created long ago which has 20 active people in but not all are above level 38. so the FB page is set from long ago and is open for all its just not many people play anymore.

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    Upgraded portals still take weeks where I live (50 miles from a major city in the U.S.). Niantic's queueing is not really a queue - they slow track some locations. I have one that's been in queue since October 2, 2021.

  • Kawhinot-INGKawhinot-ING Posts: 168 ✭✭✭

    Not sure if the Niantic Reviews are based on those nominations that have been without a decision for a long period of time. In my case, I have had 6 or 7 nominations reviewed by Niantic and they were all relatively new (1 week to 4 weeks). Meanwhile, I still have nominations from 2020 outstanding. But I havent had anything since go into Niantic Review for about 3 months now, so not sure if I am just unlucky, or if there are staffing issues with Niantic that has slowed their reviewing down.

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    my friend had sat his bonus location to Algiers, because he wants to help (he is from the area).

    He said he has never seen so many fake contributions that were obvious fakes. Adding to that the bad coverage of google maps.

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