Wayfarer Feature Update - Feb 2022

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Hello Explorers, 

We have 3 updates for you today that we know will help improve your exploring experience! 

Pokémon GO Wayspot Categorization 

Wayspot Categorization is now available globally! As a reminder, this means that category selection will be required on all your future nominations and will soon be displayed in the reviews in Wayfarer. This will be helpful for reviewers as you’ll have a bit more context on the nomination.

Pokémon GO Onboarding Flow Launch 

As mentioned by @NianticDanbocat in the 2021 Playback and Roadmap Update, we shipped a new onboarding experience. We’ve added to the feature by locking down the submission features in Pokékmon GO until the Wayfarer quiz is passed. This will help ensure that nomination criteria have been reviewed and result in better quality nominations. We will be bringing this flow to Ingress as well in the coming months. 

New Wayspots in India for Pokémon GO 

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added the 3rd and final wave of new Wayspots in India! This means India now has 500k+ new ways to explore! 

That’s it Explorers! More updates coming soon! Hint hint: Wayfarer Ambassador related wink

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