Invalid Portal: groene lus MTB-route Lede

Title of the Wayspot: Trailmarker groene lus MTB-route Lede

Location: 50°58'08.8"N 3°59'27.4"E (,3.990936/@50.9690639,3.9867578,16z or,3.99088&z=18&pll=50.969101,3.990936)

City: Lede

Country: Belgium

Screenshot of the rejection mail:

Why this should NOT be a Wayspot:

The Wayspot claims to be a trailmarker for a Mountainbike track called "groene lus", which could be translated as "green loop". This immediately raised suspicions: there is no such loop in Lede, Belgium of that color (more on this later). Firstly, the wayspot is located in a newly built neighbourhood. It would be rather strange to have a MTB route in such an urban setting.

Intelmap and google streetview:

Now let's take a look at the wayspot picture.

The wayspot is in fact nothing more than a sticker with the logo of a known MTB-route in Flanders (which is the Dutch speaking part of Belgium). The red circle indicates that this route is supported by the province of Vlaams-Brabant. Lede, however, is nowhere near this province. It's a part of the province East-Flanders (,_Belgium).

When you go to the webite you can search for all the MTB tracks in Lede. Not surprisingly, you'll see that there is NO green loop in Lede. Only red and blue. I added a black X to show the location of the wayspot.

If you look at the quality of the sticker, it seems that the person who nominated this wayspot , just tore the sticker from an existing trailmarker on a green loop (the province of Vlaams-Brabant does have a green loop) and smacked it on a lamp post in this street, most likely to create a "home" stop/gym/portal. I can imagine the people behind this MTB track would not be happy to know people are vandalising their work in such a way.

Please remove this POI. Thank you.



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