Show info when the last vote was given to the nomination

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Was thinking to propose that there could be a last vote given date value in nomination, but @PkmnTrainerJ-ING may be right (in 4.5 release notes discussion, topic: show the nomination position in queue) that NIA does not want to give too detailed info about how voting system works. 

Instead there could be something like:

Last vote given within a week
        within a month
        within half a year
        within a year
        within two years
        within three years
        over three years ago
No vote given yet

An agent may consider using an Upgrade to nomination that has not got any votes for a long time.

Also if an agent/NIA notices that some of nominations have not got any votes for a long time there may be something wrong in the voting system.

E.g. nomination is in voting in area where there are lots of reviewers but nomination is not getting any votes.

Personally having 7 "in voting" nominations that are over 2 years old and much more over one year old.

I have no clue are these nominations really voted for or are they just having "in voting" status but in practice they have dropped out of voting queue.

These nominations are in capital area in Finland.

For nominations in rural area in Finland it takes usually only max. 1-2 weeks until decision is made.

For Upgraded nominations in capital area in Finland it takes usually only max. 1-2 days until decision is made.

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    Actually you forgot the GO Trainers.

    It might be helpful, but no. Some certain groups like TheSilphRoad might probably using this information to predict how many votes needed for each nominations to reach nominations, which Niantic by their policy should keep this number in secret. Or maybe something else.

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