Portal appeal post format

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According to old guideline in Ingress Community, the portal appeals should be posted as "Ask a question" format. Nevertheless in the new Wayfarer community, the appeals are shared as "New post".

I used the old format "Ask a question". All my post are unswered, some of them with more than a month. I dont know if its because it has the tag "Question" as flavour and the man(men?) behind the curtain (@NianticKN-ING) who gives the final status jump over a post when it have a tag. I understand than when a post has the tag "Niantic", the appeal is closed.

Please @NianticCasey-ING and @NianticBrian-ING could you confirm which format has to be used in the portal appeal? Also could you check my old post ? Some of them concerns fake nominations: same picture used in diferent locations and the owner still repeat this technique in other cities without being punished.

Thanks in advance

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