Trainer spam posting pokestop photos, logging in to other accounts to upvote pictures

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We have a local gym that is pending removal from the game - business permanently closed. In the last 2 days alone, one trainer submitted 15 pictures of the same Starbucks corporate mural (photo angles/lighting all just a little different, but no substantive contributions to the original photo used for the stop).

This seems to be a blatant disregard for the purpose of Wayfarer. I understand photos taken from another side may contribute to the documentation of the stop, but this is a mural - there is only one reasonable perspective. Additionally, 15 pictures submitted by the same trainer and each with 20+ likes in the span of 2 days, seems excessive and suggests a blatant manipulation of gym assignments in the area.

Is this something Niantic is able to address? Does Niantic care enough to address this situation? Is it even worth reporting?

Thoughts, perspectives, suggestions, and relevant stories welcome.


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    If you happen to know all Trainers' name upvoting the photos for the manipulation, you may report it through Wayfarer Support chat in the help page. Or even in-game support chat if you suspect them multiaccounting.

    Unfortunately if the photos all meet the criteria (e.g. not low quality photos, not taken from 3rd party source, or there are no erroneous object suspected as 'submitter identifier' in the photo), you can't request the photos to be removed however if there's any, then you can request the removal here.

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    I understand, thank you.

    I just think it’s so blatantly against the purpose of Wayfarer to hypothetically submit 100 all just barely slightly different photos for a stop. Doesn’t that seem in clear violation of the spirit of the game?

    And yes, I know the trainer in question. However, since 2016, Niantic has never taken action on any of the dozens of accounts I’ve reported, over 200 reports, complete with pictures and videos of them actively spoofing into inaccessible areas.

    I guess that resolves my issue.

    Now that I know that this is perfectly legal and intentionally allowed, I’ll be better prepared to manipulate the game for my own gym next time.

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    @Jaeger153-PGO you're totally right.

    That behavior is against the purpose of Wayfarer and Niantic won't do anything against it.

    Several times people have reported such abuses (adding many similar photos, using multiple accounts to manipulate gym creation, spoofing, multi accounting) and Niantic ignores such reports.

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    Dang, WheelTrekker... I appreciate your perspective, but it is super disappointing that Niantic cannot even act on blatant manipulation of the Wayfarer features.

    I have a few other options at this time. I'll pursue some of the other avenues, if Niantic cannot be trusted to properly investigate and deal with this issue in a fair and just manner.

    I wish there were a Niantic rep who could provide insight as to why Niantic doesn't prioritize the integrity of the game...

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    Today, we have 842 likes across 31 pictures, in just 6 days... by only two trainers.

    I'll just tag a random Niantic rep: @NianticAaron, is there anything we can do about this blatant abuse? I submitted an abuse report, but this needs to be resolved soon, or these trainers will just do it again and again.

    I have the name of the stop, the location of the stop, and the names of the trainers. Please let me know how we can quickly resolve this issue, as it goes against Niantic's own Rejection Criteria:

    Other type of abuse: "Any other type of abuse that you feel is not in keeping with the spirit of Wayfarer’s mission to create the most interesting, family-friendly, and accurate representation of the real-world."

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    Am I taking this too far? I'm right to be frustrated by this type of play, right?

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    Can you post details of the Pokestop(s) affected? Their title, location, and all their photos?

    Maybe @NianticGiffard will look at this.

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    @patsufredo-PGO Yes, I could provide that information to any Niantic representative. I have documented all of the information needed to rectify the situation. Thank you for tagging @NianticGiffard for us - I do hope they take this situation seriously.

    I could provide the information to any Niantic rep in a direct message, but I still do respect these trainers enough to not want to out them in a public forum; I’d prefer the situation be resolved as quickly and cleanly as possible.

    These trainers should clearly not have Wayfarer privileges. But also, they do not need to be publicly shamed.

    I hope that Niantic can respond quickly. I really don’t want this dragging on.

  • Thank you @patsufredo-PGO for your help, I will take this up from here.

    @Jaeger153-PGO - Let's continue our conversation in a DM, I will close this thread now.

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