Re-Nominating Pokestops

donny01429-PGOdonny01429-PGO Posts: 1
edited February 2022 in India Wayfarer Challenge

There are many pokestops where are been accepted in the area but are not visible on the in game map of pokemon go however these stops can be seen as portals in the ingress.

So should we re-nominate these places or not? Can this may because of cell size?


  • patsufredo-PGOpatsufredo-PGO Posts: 4,121 ✭✭✭✭✭

    No. You should know at this point that Niantic has Lightship database that stores every Wayspots data that will be used into each games. Even you should know that not every Wayspots will show up in Ingress.

    Because of that, don't try to renominate it again; doing so will mark your nomination as duplicate.

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