Appeal function not working?

Normally if I get a nomination rejected, I just resubmit it (because 90% of the time the reviewers are at fault, not me; you know the drill: rejected due to having "3rd-party photo" - that I took, etc., etc.).

But since there is a now an "Appeal" button on the nominations page, I thought I'd give it a go. So I typed out my appeal, and hit "submit": nothing happened.

Hmm, I thought. So I tried it on another rejection; same result. Went back to the first one, needless to say, the information I typed out had no been saved.

Why is the appeal button there is it is not yet functional?


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    The appeal function is live.

    The way it works is you press the appeal button on a rejected nomination, and then you're prompted to type text to explain why you're appealing the rejection. You can include additional information and evidence here. Once you're done typing, you can press the submit button. This will send your full nomination, including the appeal text, into the Niantic appeal queue. You will not be able to see what you typed for your appeal text on your nomination, but if it's been submitted correctly, the nomination will show the "appealed" tag where it previously displayed the "rejected" tag.

    You're meant to only get one appeal every 30 days, but due to a bug you currently get one appeal each day. Niantic only started to review appeals within the past week, so we don't exactly have an average timescale for them to reach a decision given that we've been able to submit them for 2 months prior to them being reviewed.

    If you try to appeal more than one nomination per day, it'll allow you to type the text in the appeal box, but the submit button will display an error message when tapped on instead of submitting the appeal. Your text will not be saved if you cancel out at this point, so if you want to keep it, you'll need to copy and paste to a document instead. It is also worth noting that there's a character limit for appeal text, which I think may be 3000 characters but I can't remember.

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